Different types of chains in an Electric chainsaw

After reading this heading you would be thinking – are there different types of chains used in electric chainsaws? There are so many types of chains in the market, however; 3/8” semi-chisel saw chains are used commonly in the small electric chainsaws. But if you are a professional sawyer you have to be aware of the chain types to accomplish your tasks. This article is for those who want to understand the types of chains used by professionals and for what purpose they are using it. Before looking at types of chains, consider purchasing the best electric chainsaw 2017.

The chains are classified based on the cutters used in them. There are mainly four types of cutters – low profile, semi chisel, full chisel, and square chisel. This classification is based on the shape and size of the cutting edge of the cutter. Each cutter is used for different purposes. Square chisel and full chisel cutters are used to cut hardwood and are the fastest among the cutters. Low profile cutters are used for household purpose and semi chisel cutters are used in dirty conditions.


Standard saw chain

This is a full house chain that is filled with teeth and you can perform a smooth cut using this. Chainsaw companies use this type of chains on guide bars that are 24 inches or less. The main use of these chains is milling timbers. Since they can produce smooth cuts the wood can be used to build houses.

Full skip saw chain

These chains are used on guide bars that are longer than 24 inches. Full skip saw chain will have the least number of teeth and can be used on larger bars. Since the number of cutter teeth is less it will not take much time to sharpen the chain. Since these large cutter teeth take much bigger chunk of wood and spin quickly, you can complete the work faster. This type of chain is ideal for cutting more number of trees but the cutting will not be smooth as the standard saw chain.

Semi skip saw chain

This is used by professionals who want a chain that is in between the standard saw chain and full skip saw chain. The cutter types used in this chain are Square Chisel cutters having square edges and grind profiles. Since these chains are faster than any other types in the market, you will need to sharpen the teeth frequently.

Ripping saw chains

This type of chain is used mainly in timber mills to make planks. Semi-chisel cutters used in these chains have shallow angle cutters. With the help of these cutter angles the ripping saw chains can be used in electric chainsaws to make smooth planks good and smooth surface.

Square ground saw chain

The full chisel cutters are used in this type of chain. The disadvantage of this chain is that it takes experience to sharpen these cutters. Professionals use bench grinders or triangular files to sharpen this chain. The good thing about this chain is that you can complete your work faster than other types of chains.

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